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Wheel Chair Lifts

All, regardless of configuration, come equipped with safety features.
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Inclined and Vertical Lifts Give Dependable Mobility from Floor to Floor

Seniors and people with disabilities are no strangers to the inconvenience of stairs. From small steps leading up to a doorway to several landing staircases the obstacle presented by stairs can be very frustrating. At Nationwide Lifts we offer homeowners and building managers affordable and flexible mobility solutions in the form of high quality wheelchair and platform lifts. Now your home or office can be fully accessible for anyone who uses a wheelchair, power chair or medical mobility device. Our wheelchair and platform lifts include:

Apex Green

A vertical platform wheelchair lift, the Apex Green combines durability and versatility for a smooth and effortless ride. This lift can support up to 750 lbs and 14 ft of travel. Safety sensors are designed to halt the lift if any obstruction is detected.

Convenient & Durable

The screw drive lift system is ideal for outdoor use.

Apex Hydro

This convenient platform lift features a hydraulic drive system for smooth operation, travel capability up to 14 feet with up to 3 stops and an emergency battery powered lowering with automatic battery recharging system.

Aesthetic & Functional

For operation, the Apex Hydro’s 36”x54” platform travels a maximum of 14 feet and does not require a machine room.

Apex Complete

The all-around enclosure of the Apex Complete keeps the elements out and gives users a protected ride. With a 750 lb capacity, 42" high platform side guard panels and a standard cab platform that is 36" wide by 54" deep.

Technical Specs

(Other sizes available), this platform lift is perfect for homes and offices.

Apex Elite

Combining high quality with modern luxury, the Apex Elite is ideal for hotels, homes and shopping centers.


Made with stainless steel or brass finish and glass panels, this is the highest quality wheelchair lift on the market.

Delta IPL

This inclined platform lift is perfect for moving along a straight set of stairs. A rail system and folding platform makes full use of stairs a possibility for anyone using a wheelchair or mobility device. With a rack & pinion drive system and an optional auto fold/unfold feature the Delta IPL is an ideal accessibility solution.


This system that supports 550 or 660 pounds travels a maximum distance of 82 feet along a staircase.

Omega IPL

Get access around all corners and effortlessly travel along curved stairs with the Omega IPL wheelchair lift. With a capacity to hold up to 550 lbs, cable drive system and travel capability up to 164 feet.


The Omega IPL is ideal for commercial buildings including shopping malls, convention centers and stadiums.